This hanger contains work I have done, am doing, for FlightGear Flight Simulator. The work is content creation and addons for the simulator. Much of my content will be available for Launch Complex 39 scenery that will automatically be downloaded when you are near or over KTTS and have TerraSync enabled in the Flight Simulator.  Other content I create will be for The FlightGear Space Program and Expermental (declassified) aircraft.

I release my content under a CC BY 3.0 license and allow FlightGear official repositories, and website, permission to distribute my content under GPL 2.0 as per FlightGear requirements.

I authorize Thorsten R., in the FlightGear mailing lists and forums, unlimited use, under whichever GPL license he chooses, for expansion of the FlightGear Space Program simulations.

My main content will be hosted offsite, off of this site, so as to not violate any bandwidth limits of this free website, SourceForge will host a majority of this type of content. The content in the Declassified section is from various authors and I do not claim any copyright on that material.