Paper Craft

Here is my paper craft content I have created!

I only list files I have created or heavily modified. The file itself contains links within it that link to origional file if it is a modified model.

All files open in a new tab/window from my OneDrive storrage location.

Short Circuit Movie vehicles:

     Stephanies Snack Shack
          Stephanies Snack Shack PDF Download 1:87 Paper Model - A4 Size.

     NOVA Van
          Nova Van PDF Download 1:87 Scale Paper Model - A4 Size.

     NOVA Daimler Ferret - 100% My own Work
          NOVA Daimler Ferret PDF Download 1:87 Scale Paper Model - A4 Size.


Useful Links for Paper Craft and other sites that may be relevant.

Link Description This is the Johnny 5 Toy Robot Group. A Papercraft vehicle website in 1:100 scale. Hundreds of models! The facebook Group of the Vehicle Model website. Czechoslovakian language but facebook is fairly decent in translating. Pepakura software to view and unfold 3D models for paper craft. Users also use it to make foam cosplay outfits! Free version allows viewing models, Pay version alows you to edit/create your own models and layout the pages in various Page formats. Canon website dedicated to paper craft. Beautiful models for kids and adults alike. Epsons Nakajima Racing paper craft site, Japanese Language but easy to translate with google or a browser extension. Downloading models requires the un-translated page version. 1:24 scale fairly large models. These are fairly advanced and require some skill but they also have simple models to work with. Outstanding art work!